May 06, 2011

The Steps to Success: Why We Do It!

Steps to Success was a thought that came to me one day while I was out walking.  I wanted a simple way to teach the compensation plan. The first time you look at our compensation plan, it can be intimidating or confusing. I have found, that once you are actually doing it and promoting to higher positions, it all starts to come together and make sense.  When your getting started with It Works, your goal is NOT to study the compensation plan, but to unlock the money.  You unlock the money by following the Steps to Success! Everyone wants to know what the leaders are doing to earn that “big money”. Well, here's the secret: they are teaching Steps to Success.  They are launching everyone’s business in their first 7 to 10 days with a Wrap Party and duplicating these steps with each new Distributor that comes on board.  So, let’s take a look at this simple system:

Step 1.  Purchase the Distributor Kit. 
This is a simple step but one that you should take very seriously.  You purchased a Distributor Kit.  You paid money from your bank account for a home based business.  It is commitment time.  When I was raising my children, they knew that if they signed up for an activity. such as dance or music, they were “all in” for that year. I taught them this early on, because I didn’t want to commit our families money, time, and effort just to waste it with a few lessons.  Kaye started dance at the age of four.  The very first day of dance she hit her head on the bar and had a meltdown (which is just a nice way of saying temper tantrum) so, she didn’t get an M&M like all the other girls.  Hence, another meltdown.  It bothered me that Kaye didn’t get an M&M, after all, she had hurt herself! But the instructor was making the point that disrupting the class was unacceptable. Both Kaye and I ended up learning a valuable lesson.  As a mom, I needed to stay out of it. Even though Kaye wanted to quit I knew that she had to go back and stay committed. And she did! She went back and danced all the way into her teens.  Take your first steps with It Works with the same conviction.  You signed up for a year minimum.  Learn how to work this business just like you learned your past jobs, having children, marriage, a new sport, etc.  I have been in this industry since 1994 and I still read books about network marketing, attend training seminars, and learn from all of you every day.  This business can change your life.  Your belief level grows as you grow. 

Step 2. Autoship.  Your commitment to running your Autoship every month, is your commitment to run your business, be a product of the products, and to keep your business commission qualified.  Each month It Works pays you commission based on the volume of your loyal customers, and your distributors, and their distributors, and loyal customers, and on and on!  The most effective way to stay commission qualified is to purchase at least $80BV per month in products.  You will also see in the compensation plan that you can stay commission qualified with a $150 PGV.  This is the volume of what your customers purchase along with any products that you purchase.  However, I have known customers to opt out on the last day of the month, or credit cards will expire, and then your commission check is gone! This is too risky, so I always recommend that you commit to the $80 autoship. 

Step 3.  Gather 4 Loyal Customers within your first 30 days and earn $100 in free product.  In order to be Fast Start qualified you will need to complete Step 2 with the $80BV autoship and personally enroll 2 Loyal Customers within 30 days.  This will qualify you to earn $100 in Fast Start bonuses for each new distributor that you personally sponsor who also participates in the $80 autoship and personally enrolls 2 Loyal Customers within their first 30 days.  Do you see how everyone is doing the same thing?  It is really that simple.  Enroll 2 more loyal customers within your first 30 days and you will receive $100 in free product! (Keep in mind, these customers need to be outside of your household. They cannot have the same address as you.) For every 2 Loyal Customers that you enroll, you will earn Wrap Reward points which will give you the option of purchasing a box of Ultimate Body Applicators or Facial Applicators for $19.95 plus tax, shipping is included!

Step 4.  Build to Executive. You know how it is with some companies,  they want you to sponsor 5 people, who then need to sponsor five more people and then you will be “Starship Commander” and earn a million dollars! This is intimidating and unrealistic.  You really want to keep this business as simple as possible. Tell your team to focus on building to Executive by sponsoring 2 Distributors who complete the Steps to Success. Do this yourself and duplicate this with everyone that you bring in. Once you have reached Executive, focus on going to the next step, Ruby. Keeping the business simple is one of the most critical components of this industry.  So, let’s build to Executive!  

Two Distributors who complete these Steps to Success puts you at Executive.  This is duplicating with a system in place that works. Follow it. The biggest mistake people make in this industry is over thinking the compensation plan, causing them to stall before anything can even get accomplished. Follow Steps to Success, teach it, and your business will take you wherever you want it to go.

Have fun keeping it simple.


Kami Dempsey said...

GREAT point Pam! I love it!

Mike Nathanson said...

Thanks Pam * KISS *
* Keeping IT Simply SEXY ~!~ *

I love Following these EASY steps to success :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't get the 150 a month I think it's crazy to sell that much to make anything